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Welcome to Fun Smiles

At Fun Smiles our mission is to bring optimum oral health to as many Australian children as possible. To make a difference and a contribution to the health of young children and their families. Working towards a society where we no longer have to suffer from dental diseases which are avoidable.

We are committed to having children become comfortable and confident seeing a dentist from a young age. Making it an enjoyable experience and instilling good habits that will last a lifetime.

We are a mobile dental service provider, providing children’s dentistry through schools and child care centres.

We offer Educational Programs, Preventive Programs and General Dentistry birth to 18 years old.

Current Statistics

The National Oral Health Study looking at the Oral Health of Australian children found:

  • Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most common oral disease and among the most prevalent health conditions in Australian children.
  • Oral diseases, mainly tooth decay, cause infection, discomfort, pain and suffering for the child and affect the family through those distressing symptoms and the burden of costly and sometimes difficult treatment.
  • Poor oral health early in life is the strongest predictor of further oral disease in adult life.
  • More than one in every four children aged 5-10 have untreated caries (untreated tooth decay).
    • Even though public health groups have recommended that a child make a dental visit before 2 years of age, research has shown that many children do not make a dental visit before the commencement of school.
    • Only near half of children aged 5-14 brush their teeth the recommended twice a day.
    • Almost half of Australian children have four or more serves of sugar-containing snacks in a usual day.

Our Service

Our service is designed to make it easy for parents to ensure their child receives the recommended dental care with as little inconvenience as possible.

We provide dental services at child care centres and schools, in a safe familiar environment with a classroom educator present.


  • Please complete the Child Dental Benefits Consent Form and Medical History Form provided by your school or child care centre.
  • The Fun Smiles team will contact you regarding your child’s eligibility to the Child Dental Benefits Scheme.
  • On the day of our visit:
    • Children participate in a fun educational session with our dental team.
    • Children are then seen for their dental checks.
    • Each child receives a take home dental pack with a certificate, toothbrush, stickers and report card to take home.
    • The Fun Smiles team will contact you if we need to communicate anything further regarding your child’s dental care.

Our Team


Our collaborative team of Dental Practitioners are here to help support you in providing the best dental care for your child. Most dental diseases can be prevented. This is why early and ongoing 6 monthly dental visits are so important. Not only can we provide valuable oral health education to children and their families at these visits, we can also provide preventative care to help avoid problems occurring as well as pick up any issues early and treat with minimal intervention where needed.

Many dental diseases such as tooth decay do not cause any symptoms until they are a much bigger problem. Unfortunately many children do not see a dental practitioner until they are experiencing pain. If left until this stage, often a clinician will have limited options available for treatment and tooth extraction is far too often the only option. This is why there is a clear need for change and this is the principal reason Fun Smiles was founded.

Our commitment is to provide oral health education to children and their families from an early age. As well as an easily accessible dental service where preventative care can be provided and early detection and treatment of dental disease where needed.

Many of us also have children of our own and have first-hand experience with the challenges involved with motivating children to have good oral hygiene and dietary habits. We look forward to caring for your child’s needs and providing advice and support to your family.